Introducing Mr & Mrs Langoulant! Faye and Ben got married in December 2013 at 5 star Pumba Game Reserve. Faye and I got along so well from our first meeting. Must confess the first thing I realized was her awesome purse! I knew right away she was a girl with good taste and style, and it didn’t take long into the conversation to realize she’s also such a sweet and genuine person. Ben, who’s Australian, joined us later on during that first meeting and I loved their story. I totally relate to them, meeting overseas and learning each other’s culture and traditions. The day of the wedding arrived and I was so excited to photograph it. Pumba is definitely one of the most beautiful reserves I’ve seen in South Africa, this reserve has achieved gold status for its environment responsibility. Thank you Faye and Ben for trusting us with your wedding photos. It was an absolutely pleasure being part of your special day, I will never forget your beautiful wedding in such a beautiful African setting.

Huge thanks to my hubby Andrew for doing an awesome job second shooting, assisting and driving.

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