I don’t even know where to start. Lace, pastel colours, vintage touches and an outdoor affair. This wedding was just perfect beginning to end.  I absolutely loved every minute of it, from the house that Michele chose to get ready at to the outfits, the decor and the venue. It was such a beautiful sunny day. Friends and family joined them to celebrate their union at Kleinemonde church, from there the guests enjoyed yummy food and drinks at an outdoor affair at Cuyllerville club. They had lawn games, popcorn, a live band playing awesome music in the background, all sort of desserts and a cool photo booth. The day was filled with special moments, I will never forget the reaction Warren had when Michele was walking down the isle.
Warren proposed on the 16th of December 2012, it was a complete surprise! It shouldn’t have I suppose, as we’ve been together for years.. but it caught me completely unaware. He designed such a beautiful engagement ring on his own and proposed to me on the sand dunes at our most favourite weekend getaway spot.. Kleinemonde! My absolute favourite time of the day is dusk, when the wind calms down and the sun is setting, the beach is then the perfect place to be. Warren had set up the camera equipment on the sand dunes to take some photos of the sunset and he asked me to stand there on the dune so he could “set the focus”. Which I kind of grudgingly did.. and the next minute he was next to me on one knee, and the camera was clicking and capturing the moment! I was so surprised! I immediately started crying, so much that I couldn’t even see what the ring looked like! A very special surprise’

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